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WHAT WE DO              


To keep it simple, we work with Sellers and Buyers, Landlords and Tenants, as well as investors, of commercial real estate to guide them through the process. We have experience and expertise in asset classes including:

Industrial Land

Retail Multi-Family

Restaurant Golf Course

Self Storage Office

Mixed Use Medical Office

Hotel & Hospitality Housing Development

Our extensive network puts us in touch with local, regional, and national business owners and decision makers. We stay connected to prospects all over the nation that could be your next tenant, your next sale

leaseback, your next letter of intent.

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We are passionate about making an impact on the housing crisis across Iowa and the Midwest. Back to

2008, the building of homes slowed to a crawl which created a shortage of housing inventory that still

exists today. This is in metro areas but also across most every rural town as well. These towns have

major employers, they have economic development incentives, they have land and more to offer. We are

proud to focus on working with rural and metro communities to help bring housing solutions and other


needs and amenities that will help to attract workforce and more.

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Why is it that we have a strong and growing number of women, men, young professionals and minorities

in commercial real estate that aren't investing in our own industry? We have a mindset to change this


Some don't know how to get started, some don't have quite enough to meet the minimum buy-in and

frankly some are just too busy being supermom, superdad, taxi cab driver, gourmet chef, cleaning

company, and full time professional to think about the details.

We have options coming your way that will make investing in development in your own community easy

to understand, easy to get involved and exciting to watch the progress that your dollars made possible.

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No matter if you are looking to acquire or dispose of commercial real estate assets in Des Moines,

Denver, or Toronto, we have the network of tens of thousands of potential buyers and sellers.With over

$32,000,000 in land and asset transactions, we work with you in a unique process to meet your



Simply put, we do things differently.

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