At SHATTERED GLASS DEVELOPMENT we do things a little different. We believe in processes and learning new techniques. We sit comfortably with change and we crave it. We include more brains in the room to find creative ideas and ways to implement them with success.


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Finding the right equity sources to match your project needs is critical to success. Your investors have to align with your vision and see the value in the project and in their return. With investors awaiting projects, we aim to match available equity with your project type, scope, and timeline.

Visit Shattered Glass Equity Platform to discover opportunities! 


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We have a passion for developing active senior independent living communities at price points that middle class families can afford. This includes supporting commercial retail and services, multi-family living, hoteling for the extended family who visit, and single family homes. We are knee deep in site selection for projects in the Des Moines metro so keep a close eye on us. Interestingly enough, this is very similar to price points and amenities that millennial want which means workforce housing is in the cards too. 


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Why is it that we have a strong and growing number of women and minorities in commercial real estate that aren't investing in our own industry? We have a mindset to change this pattern!

Some don't know how to get started, some don't have quite enough to meet the minimum buy-in and frankly some are just too busy being supermom, taxi cab driver, gourmet chef, cleaning company, and full time professional to think about the details.

We have options coming your way that will make investing in development in your own community easy to understand, easy to get involved and exciting to watch the progress that your dollars made possible.



Yes we do this too. Let us bring repeatable processes and continuous improvement philosophies to the management of your request for proposals. This can be a heavy lift for teams like yours that already have a full plate. Consider us your right hand...expert.


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No matter if you are looking to acquire or dispose of commercial real estate assets in Des Moines, Denver, or Toronto, we have the network of tens of thousands of potential buyers and sellers.

With over $18,000,000 in land and asset transactions, we work with you in a unique process to meet your goals.

Simply put, we do things differently.



Cities all across Iowa have great planned and existing commercial real estate that need tenants, owner operators, retailers, office users, and more to fill their vacant space. Or perhaps you need to pre-lease a strong percentage of your planned development to get the shovel in the dirt. Our extensive network puts us in touch with local, regional, and national business owners and decision makers. We stay connected to prospects all over the nation that could be your next tenant, your next sale leaseback, your next letter of intent. 


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We like to think of site selection like treasure hunting. It's not just a few dynamics that the make a site right for you.

It includes the right location,

the right land price,

the right workforce,

the right construction labor force, 

the right proximity to customers,

the right neighborhood amenities,

the right city incentives,

the right state incentives,

the right tax credits,

the right investors

and so much more.

Using our value based processes, we identify and rank site options alongside your team.



We must not be the only ones that notice that in the majority of real estate licensing classes and electives, 90% of the content is residential focused. Well, we say no more!

Watch for class schedules coming soon.